Peace and Unification

WFWP 1% Love Share Project: promoting reconciliation between North and South

wfwp | 2012.02.08 15:23


On 5 August, a letter of greetings was sent to WFWP by the North Korea Council for National Reconciliation. They reminded us of the last International Women leaders Convention at Mt. Geumgang in 2007 and asked to organize more activities together for the reconciliation of North and South Korea. WFWP responded, emphasizing, “Let us make effort together with mother's love."

A sense of national difference and economic imbalance is the result of the protracted division, and these are obstacles to unification. At the same time these are our tasks that have to be resolved after the unification. Women should actively prepare for the future unification of North and South, with sincere exchanges based on the mother's instinctive love and trust.

WFWP realized that we should not forget reconciliation and heartful ties between North and South Korea, more important than political unification or economic exchange. This is why WFWP started the 1% Love Share Project.

The 1% Love Share movement is a symbol of sharing a small part of what we have with North Korea, and it has now extended to children and women around the world. We are actively continuing the project with WFWPI chapters around the world, with an effort to set aside at least 1,000 won (about 1 USD) every month to help needy children.

Your contributions are collected and sent periodically to support a project among the WFWP International chapter's varied activities.